Future is Fake Neon, 2008

Bombs and the Boys, neon, 2008

Leo Sky Neon, 2008

Internation Portrait Gallery emblem Neon, 2009

Portrait#2, collage,  Courtesy Rebecca Camhi

Portrait#1, collage,  Courtesy Rebecca Camhi

Portrait#3  Courtesy Rebecca Camhi

MeLookingAtYou Mural, Blow de la Barra booth, Art Athina 07

MeLookingAtYou Mural, 3D drawing for Blow de la Barra booth sign,National Museum of Contemporary Art,Athens

Anathena, self-published fanzine, 2006

The Neen Flags, SuperNeen Pack, Milan, 2006

The Neen Flags, Certosa di Padula  Museum, Padula Italy, June 06

Future is Fake, tatoo, 2003  (photo by Armin Linke)

Future is Fake, tatoo, 2003